Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backups, everyone has heard the importance of it. The problem is that most people whether business users or home users do not do it. Typically, this is because they do not know how or what to backup. We believe in two basic backup rules. It must be easy and fast, or it will not get done, and it must be easy to verify.

DCS can improve your business resilience in the face of unexpected data loss with the creation of a comprehensive and cost-effective backup solution incorporating the latest technology and industry best practices. As alluded to earlier Your backups should be automated wherever possible to avoid user error on robust technologies, the days of tapes are gone. For most of our clients we believe in a redundant approach where you have both onsite and offsite backups. The reasoning for this is twofold:

  • Offsite or cloud backups provide your company with a basic DR solution if onsite systems become unavailable or damaged
  • Onsite backups allow for quick restores with greater retention periods

DCS also provide comprehensive DR and Business continuity solutions for companies looking to minimize downtime. Our offering replicates your primary server environment and can be quickly scaled to fully replace your primary onsite servers.This gets your business back up and running quickly in the event of disaster. Our disaster recovery and business continuity platform remove the need for significant investment in a physical failover infrastructure with a monthly, pay for use, pricing model scoped to your specific needs.